New Zealand Photography

Born in Prague, Czech Republic, Martin Sliva first visited New Zealand in 2001. Later he moved to live in the Southern Lakes to start an inbound tourism business and enjoy the charming scenery and ever changing moods of New Zealand mountains and rainforest. Photography had been his hobby for a while already back in Czech Republic; he exhibited his photos in several towns and cities of the Czech Republic and in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Photography means for him a chance to express a mood of a place, or just be fast enough to capture a bird in flight. The beauty is that he goes to the nature to enjoy it and as a by-product might eventually come a photo. To take a photo gives him opportunity to relish the moment - either it is a dawn, night sky or a singing bird.

Now he lives in Te Anau, on the doorstep of Fiordland National Park, he enjoys tramping, kayaking and cycling. Also he regularly travels all over New Zealand. As result of all his activities sometimes he gets a chance to capture a special moment.

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Based in Te Anau, on the doorstep of Fiordland National Park, photographer Martin Sliva has captured an array of truly stunning images of this region and a number of other New Zealand scenic icons during his travels.
New Zealand Photography
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