Milford Sound

In Maori legend, the Fiords were created not by rivers of ice, but by Tu Te Raki Whenoa, a godly figure who came wielding a magical adze and uttering incantations. Milford Sound is without doubt his finest sculpture.

With its dramatic scenery and unique wildlife, Milford Sound is the best known of the Fiords, and the only one that can be reached by road. Milford is made up of deep Fiords, with sheer glacial mountains rising directly from the sea. Here you'll meet some of New Zealand's rarely seen wildlife - the cheeky kea, native fur seals, dolphins, and rare species of fish and coral at Milford's Discovery Centre & Underwater Observatory.

The fiord is approximately 16km from the 'head' to the open sea, meaning visitors can comfortably travel via one of the cruise operators out to the Tasman sea, and return in only 1.5 to 2 hours. Cruise passengers get the opportunity to view scenic highlights such as Mitre Peak and Pembroke Glacier. Playing dolphins and fur seals basking on the rocks are a common sight.

Spectacular kayaking and diving trips are very popular in Milford Sound, along with the opportunity to visit the Milford Discovery Centre - New Zealand's only floating underwater observatory. An incredible journey into the sea where you discover the secrets of the deep, and its world of primeval creatures, exotic habitats, and the fascinating sights of the ocean depths.

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Milford Sound
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